“God put us in the ‘time-out chair,” said Kathleen Cooke as she hosted the Influence Lab Women’s Online Gathering during the COVID-19 pandemic. “His goal is for us to emerge with new direction and a happy heart.” Influence Lab Women was honored to host 5 top professional women working in media and entertainment for an online webinar during the historic global outbreak of the corona virus.





Deborah Pegues, Jackelyn Viera-Iloff, Edwina Findley-Dickerson, Shari Rigby and Karen Covell were all interviewed on how to endure and to emerge from this global disruption. Topics of health, finances, careers, faith and lifestyles were covered as each woman brought insights and wisdom on how their faith has been impacted, how they have grown stronger during their time of social distancing, and how we can too. Each shared resources, contact information, and upcoming events so that viewers could continue conversations and connection after the live event.

New York bestselling author and TV host, Deborah Pegues, said “It’s time to practice what we preach.” It’s time to ACT.  Jackelyn Viera-Iloff, senior advisor to Joel Osteen Ministries and Founder of Starlighter Films and Entertainment, went on to say that “Faith is the currency of Heaven, and God gave us a spirit of faith not fear.” She told Kathleen that we also have to laugh. God is a god of laughter and joy changes our environment.

The third presenter, Hollywood actress, speaker and co-founder of AbundantLifeU, Edwina Findley-Dickerson, gave us concrete information on how to deal with the financial fallout due to the massive shutdown. She reminded us that this is a ‘Joseph’ moment. Joseph had no idea that God was planning to use him to advise Pharaoh of the seven years of abundance and to prepare for the seven years of drought that eventually came. God has been preparing us for this pandemic, but we have to be knowledgeable in how to use our finances to give to those who are in need. Shari Rigby, inspirational actress, writer, and speaker then let us know that God always has a plan. “He is not the God of confusion but of clarity.” We are not to walk in fear but faith.

The final speaker of the event was Karen Covell. Karen shared about her brother-in-law who was an actor in New York succumbing to the corona virus and passing into arms of God in less than a week. She challenged us to not be in grief for our careers, finances, lifestyle, health or even death during this time because God wants us to walk in joy. “God doesn’t make mistakes.” He knows from the beginning how long we have on earth and all our ‘what if’s.’ We have to trust Him boldly knowing that God wants us to always be moving forward, and most importantly, toward Him.

Victoria Hansen, the moderator of the Chat Room during the webinar and who popped in after each presenter to give out questions that had come in, finally shared the many prayer requests that attendees sent in during the event. Karen Covell then led the Gathering in prayer for health and God’s provision and courage both now and for the future. Kathleen then encouraged all to be strong and stay safe in the arms of Jesus.

Watch the entire webinar. It will encourage and mentor you both now and to come as we all choose to put God first in our families, careers, and life, and to influence the world.