She Leads America/UK Summit at Windsor Castle Welcomes Media Executive Kathleen Cooke

She Leads America/UK Summit at Windsor Castle Welcomes Media Executive Kathleen Cooke

On special invitation, Kathleen Cooke will join 50 nationally recognized women of distinction from the U.S. and UK at Windsor Castle to explore faith-based solutions to counteract the attack on biblical values within our cultures.

Los Angeles, CA (May 8, 2024) — In 2022, Kathleen Cooke was awarded a national congressional award from She Leads America Award for Distinguished Work in Media and Entertainment. This June, she is invited to a strategic gathering of 50 women of influence from the U.S. and UK at Windsor Castle in London. With high-profile U.S. delegates that include Dr. Alveda King, State Representative Nancy DeBoer, and award-winning author Bodie Thoene, and U.K. delegates Lady Carol Baker, Helena Croft MBE, and Dr. Sheena Tranter, the landmark gathering will feature discussions on the challenges confronting both countries as biblical values are threatened, and will explore faith-based solutions to address those challenges.

“Only with the combined efforts of distinguished and leading voices will we be able to cut through the challenges we face on either side of the pond,” shares Kathleen Cooke, global director for Influence Women and co-founder of Cooke Media Group based in LA.  She adds, “Leadership matters, and leaders supporting leaders turn the dial.”

Liz Doyle, founder and executive director of She Leads America shares the vision behind the UK Summit prompted by what she terms an “unprecedented simultaneous attack” on Christian values. “We are eager to meet our sisters across the Atlantic to learn about the unique challenges in Britain and how they are addressing the global crisis we all find ourselves in.”

She Leads America is an organization of accomplished Christian women from across the U.S. representing a broad spectrum of women of distinction, recognized by their peers and state and national government. The UK Summit offers an opportunity for strategic thinking and collaboration to approach the issues facing our societies from a biblical and prayerful perspective.

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Selected by special invitation to attend the UK Summit, Kathleen Cooke will share on media and the arts, offering insight on how media can effectively change the culture’s mindset toward Kingdom values and truths. To help sponsor the logistical expenses, donations can be directed to the nonprofit The Influence Lab at To interview Kathleen, contact


About Kathleen Cooke, Global Director – Influence Women
Kathleen Cooke is the co-founder of Cooke Media Group and The Influence Lab, and the global director of Influence Women, nonprofit organization for Christian media professionals with offering mentorship, career development and a faith community for women in the film, television and arts industries. Author of “Hope 4 Today: Stay Connected to God in a Distracted Culture,” she has appeared on top national and international radio, podcast and television shows including CBN and TBN, and her articles carried by Avail Leadership and Charisma Magazine. Find out more at and

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Ghana Impact Opportunity

Ghana Impact Opportunity

“In countries where so few people are professing Christians, media may be the key to mission growth in that part of the world.”
– Phil Cooke, Co-founder/The Influence Lab


Media training is a key component of The Influence Lab’s vision… And we’ve been invited by an influential ministry in Ghana, to teach a media training intensive in the capital city this August 2024. We’re reaching out to the generous partners and friends of The Influence Lab to help send our team.

The 3-day intensive is geared towards building up the local church while expanding their media production. Our team will impart a big-picture vision plus the knowledge and expertise to share the gospel through media with greater impact.

Media training is a key in many nations towards church growth.

With plans to hold the intensive in a church with production facilities, teaching sessions and hands-on workshop topics include:

  • Creativity in the Digital Age: casting vision for the creative as church media teams, filmmakers, producers and artists.
  • Church Media Production: live streaming, church video and television production
  • Film, Television and Documentary Production: approaching larger media productions with skill
  • Church Communication: conveying the message effectively through various media streams
  • Writing/Screenwriting: elevating writing skills for diverse platforms such as print, online content, film, TV, and new media
  • Acting/Directing: directing the actors and maximizing actor performances for film and television
  • Videography, Sound and Audio: covering the techniques of camera operation church audio, and video editing


Phil and Kathleen Cooke will head up the team for the media intensive.

The Team:
We’re sending a small group of seasoned media professionals chosen for their unique areas of expertise. In addition to their award-winning skills, our team brings a passion for their work and for God’s kingdom to equip and inspire.

These are quality people we have worked with on many award winning projects.

Our team is a small group of seasoned media professionals.


The Need:
We’ve known the founders of the ministry in Ghana for years and we’re confident that the seeds sown towards this training intensive will bear abundant fruit. The team has volunteered their time. We’re now seeking partners to help sponsor the trip.

To make this trip possible, we’re trusting God for a $25,000 budget to send our team and help us respond to other invitations that have recently come in from other countries. We’re specifically praying for partners who can give $1,000 or more – and of course, whatever level you can give will help make this trip a reality.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us today with your generous gift? 

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THANK YOU for partnering with The Influence Lab! It’s through the generous partnership of friends like you that we can go to places like Ghana to offer strategic media training that opens the door for explosive growth in the digital age.

With a population over 32 million, Ghana is the second-most populous country in West Africa. The capital and largest city is Accra. Strategic media training is crucial in reaching this nation with the gospel.

The Key to Church Growth in Eastern Europe – Spain Update 2024

The Key to Church Growth in Eastern Europe – Spain Update 2024

Spain Update 2024 – Madrid and Valencia

Phil and Kathleen Cooke recently returned from Spain where they had meetings in Madrid and Valencia. With a big “Thank you!” to our Influence Lab partners for your support, here are Phil and Kathleen’s reports:  



Influential ministry and marketplace leaders gathered in Madrid.

Phil: Madrid was all about reconnecting as we gathered with over 300 influential Christian leaders from around the world, including pastors of many of the largest and most effective churches and marketplace leaders of many of the most successful businesses. This is a yearly international gathering that Kathleen and I have spoken at in previous years (although this year we just participated) and represents leaders we’ve worked with from multiple countries including Brazil, the Philippines and Russia.

For those of you who partnered with us in the project, the Russian pastors were the ones who translated and published my book Maximize Your Influence – How to Make Digital Media Work for Your Church, Your Ministry, and You into Russian. They are using it as a textbook for media training seminars for evangelical pastors across Russia. It’s a powerful testimony of what happens when people unite on a project. (Thanks, Influence Lab partners!)

Pastor Paul Mazoni has changed his 15,000-member church’s approach to media and communications from Phil’s teaching.

We also spent a great deal of time with Brazilian pastors and marketplace leaders who brought us to Brazil last year for ten days of teaching andtraining. The gospel is spreading in Brazil, and it’s encouraging to see these pastors and leaders implement the media training from our 2023 sessions into their strategic outreach. Pastor Paulo Mazoni of the 15,000-member Central Church in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, said that he completely changed everything about his church’s approach to communication and media based on my teaching sessions, and the results have been amazing.

Kathleen: It is inspirational and educational to meet as we did with global leaders in Madrid who are doing strategic Kingdom work, many of whom are working in highly volatile war zones.

Phil prayed for the leaders at the opening morning session and began the entire event. At a lunch gathering, I was able to connect with the women and share how Influence Women is growing. These influential ministry and marketplace leaders can appreciate how great the need is for women to connect, collaborate, and support one another so that artistic endeavors might be created.

Phil teaches influential media and ministry leaders from across Eastern Europe gathered at Valencia.


Phil: From Madrid, we traveled to Valencia for three days of meetings and teachings. A joint venture of The Influence Lab with MediAlliance International, the invitation-only training sessions brought together Christian media leaders from Europe and Eastern Europe. The attendees were from countries that included France, Spain, Finland, Romania, and Albania, with influential leaders from Christian radio networks, TV stations, and relief organizations working in Ukraine.

Kathleen: In Valencia, I met with several women from Romania and Spain, and one from Ukraine who continues to be challenged with difficult living and working conditions. I encouraged them and shared leadership skills that I have learned to help them.

Kathleen connected with women from around the world including Romania, Ukraine, New Zealand and the UK while in Spain.

They expressed a need and desire to start an Influence Women’s chapter group in their cities, sharing that they often feel alone and unsupported. I gave them copies of my Hope 4 Today – Stay Connected to God in a Distracted Culture to encourage them, and they were thrilled to receive the gift.

Phil: To sum up, our trip to Spain was both fruitful and eye-opening. There is a real opportunity for raising up a generation of Christian media leaders in Europe and Eastern Europe.

In countries where so few people are professing Christians, media may be the key to mission growth in that part of the world. Through the generous partnership of friends like you, we can go to places like Spain to offer strategic media training that opens the door for explosive growth in the digital age.

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Next up, we travel to Cyprus, Bali and then Ghana. Be part of the mission with your generous gift here.