The Key to Church Growth in Eastern Europe – Spain Update 2024

The Key to Church Growth in Eastern Europe – Spain Update 2024

Spain Update 2024 – Madrid and Valencia

Phil and Kathleen Cooke recently returned from Spain where they had meetings in Madrid and Valencia. With a big “Thank you!” to our Influence Lab partners for your support, here are Phil and Kathleen’s reports:  



Influential ministry and marketplace leaders gathered in Madrid.

Phil: Madrid was all about reconnecting as we gathered with over 300 influential Christian leaders from around the world, including pastors of many of the largest and most effective churches and marketplace leaders of many of the most successful businesses. This is a yearly international gathering that Kathleen and I have spoken at in previous years (although this year we just participated) and represents leaders we’ve worked with from multiple countries including Brazil, the Philippines and Russia.

For those of you who partnered with us in the project, the Russian pastors were the ones who translated and published my book Maximize Your Influence – How to Make Digital Media Work for Your Church, Your Ministry, and You into Russian. They are using it as a textbook for media training seminars for evangelical pastors across Russia. It’s a powerful testimony of what happens when people unite on a project. (Thanks, Influence Lab partners!)

Pastor Paul Mazoni has changed his 15,000-member church’s approach to media and communications from Phil’s teaching.

We also spent a great deal of time with Brazilian pastors and marketplace leaders who brought us to Brazil last year for ten days of teaching andtraining. The gospel is spreading in Brazil, and it’s encouraging to see these pastors and leaders implement the media training from our 2023 sessions into their strategic outreach. Pastor Paulo Mazoni of the 15,000-member Central Church in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, said that he completely changed everything about his church’s approach to communication and media based on my teaching sessions, and the results have been amazing.

Kathleen: It is inspirational and educational to meet as we did with global leaders in Madrid who are doing strategic Kingdom work, many of whom are working in highly volatile war zones.

Phil prayed for the leaders at the opening morning session and began the entire event. At a lunch gathering, I was able to connect with the women and share how Influence Women is growing. These influential ministry and marketplace leaders can appreciate how great the need is for women to connect, collaborate, and support one another so that artistic endeavors might be created.

Phil teaches influential media and ministry leaders from across Eastern Europe gathered at Valencia.


Phil: From Madrid, we traveled to Valencia for three days of meetings and teachings. A joint venture of The Influence Lab with MediAlliance International, the invitation-only training sessions brought together Christian media leaders from Europe and Eastern Europe. The attendees were from countries that included France, Spain, Finland, Romania, and Albania, with influential leaders from Christian radio networks, TV stations, and relief organizations working in Ukraine.

Kathleen: In Valencia, I met with several women from Romania and Spain, and one from Ukraine who continues to be challenged with difficult living and working conditions. I encouraged them and shared leadership skills that I have learned to help them.

Kathleen connected with women from around the world including Romania, Ukraine, New Zealand and the UK while in Spain.

They expressed a need and desire to start an Influence Women’s chapter group in their cities, sharing that they often feel alone and unsupported. I gave them copies of my Hope 4 Today – Stay Connected to God in a Distracted Culture to encourage them, and they were thrilled to receive the gift.

Phil: To sum up, our trip to Spain was both fruitful and eye-opening. There is a real opportunity for raising up a generation of Christian media leaders in Europe and Eastern Europe.

In countries where so few people are professing Christians, media may be the key to mission growth in that part of the world. Through the generous partnership of friends like you, we can go to places like Spain to offer strategic media training that opens the door for explosive growth in the digital age.

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Next up, we travel to Cyprus, Bali and then Ghana. Be part of the mission with your generous gift here.

Female Filmmakers Gather at NRB 2024 for Kathleen Cooke’s Influence Women Initiative

Female Filmmakers Gather at NRB 2024 for Kathleen Cooke’s Influence Women Initiative


Award-winning producer and media executive Kathleen Cooke gathers women in media at NRB 2024 in Nashville for connection and collaboration opportunities within Influence Women.

Los Angeles, CA (February 6, 2024) — Birthed in Hollywood and expanding to production hubs nationwide, Influence Women is raising a new generation of professional female leaders in media, entertainment and the arts. Founded by media executive Kathleen Cooke, the women’s initiative will host a special gathering for women in media at NRB 2024 in Nashville. “Connect and Collaborate – An Influence Women Event at NRB” will feature women who are “leading the way” in creating movies, TV shows, music and artistic projects with excellence on Wednesday, February 21, 2024 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center.

“Influence Women are developing and creating projects – films, books, podcasts and other creative works that influence our culture in positive ways,” states Kathleen Cooke. “Despite the challenges in the industry, these women are finding ways to ‘make it happen’ and achieve success.”

Influence Women hosts the “Connect and Collaborate” event at NRB 2024.

Founded in 2014 under the umbrella of the nonprofit The Influence Lab, Cooke’s initial goal for the Hollywood women’s group was to inspire thought, educate, and ignite Christian women working in media and entertainment. Influence Women experienced explosive growth from those beginnings, expanding to Orange County, California, and then spreading across the country to Nashville, Atlanta, and Baton Rouge, with a new branch launching this month in Houston.

Focusing on mentorship and leadership programs, Influence Women provides a powerful platform for women to be a force for change in the entertainment industry. Additionally, the group offers Christian community and helps women build the kind of faith that will unleash their calling and purpose in the film, television and creative arts industries.

To interview Kathleen Cooke during NRB 2024, email
To attend “Connect and Collaborate – An Influence Women Event at NRB” register here.


About Kathleen Cooke, Founder – Influence Women
Co-Founder/Media Executive, The Influence Lab/Cooke Media Group

Kathleen Cooke is an award-winning producer, actor, speaker, writer, and co-founder of Cooke Media Group and the nonprofit The Influence Lab. She leads Influence Women, a nonprofit organization for Christian media professionals with branches in Hollywood, Orange County, Atlanta, Nashville and Baton Rouge offering mentorship, career development and a faith community for women in the film, television and arts industries. Author of “Hope 4 Today: Stay Connected to God in a Distracted Culture,” she has appeared on top national and international radio, podcast and television shows including CBN and TBN, and her articles carried by Avail Leadership and Charisma Magazine. Find out more at and


2023 Report: The Influence Lab – Influence Women

2023 Report: The Influence Lab – Influence Women

2023 was a year of IMPACT for The Influence Lab and its women’s initiative, Influence Women.

Thank you to the many generous friends who partnered with us to provide media and digital strategy training and support to ministry leaders in multiple nations including:



  • Brazil
  • India
  • Russia
  • Canada
  • Amsterdam
  • South Africa
  • Thailand

The breadth of the impact literally numbers into the millions with speaking and training events attended by influential pastors and ministry leaders as well as Christian communicators and businessmen.

Here are a few highlights…

  • Pastor Paulo Mazoni leads the 20,000 member church in Belo Horizonte.

    One event in Brazil was attended by 150 pastors from across the nation responsible for nearly four million church members, while another event was attended by 7,000 pastors, church and small group leaders. Yet another was attended by 20,000 church leaders and members at one of the largest church in Brazil.

  • In just this year alone, Phil’s “Maximize Your Influence” book has been translated into Portuguese, Russian, Tamil (India), and Indonesian, training pastors with effective digital strategies for their churches and ministries.
  • What began as a simple Russian translation of Phil Cooke’s “Maximize Your Influence – How to Make Digital Media Work for Your Church, Your Ministry, and You” has evolved into a bi-annual training program for evangelical pastors and ministry leaders across Russia.
  • Participants in the Thailand meetings included leaders from the Christian TV station in Seoul, South Korea, independent producers from across the nation, and pastors and church media leaders from churches throughout Asia.

Influence Women exploded with growth in 2023.

  • Focused on raising a new generation of professional female leaders in media, entertainment and the arts, its mentorship and leadership programs provide a powerful platform for women to be a force for change in the entertainment industry.

    Influence Women gathered at NRB 2023.

  • First launched in Hollywood, Influence Women has grown to include chapters in production hubs across the country, including Orange County, California; Atlanta and Nashville with a new chapter launching in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2024!
  • The Influence Women podcast released its first episode November 2024. Hosted by Kathleen Cooke and featuring film and television industry professionals, this new platform presents another way to inspire women in the arts in their faith and careers.
  • Influence Women are developing and creating projects – films, books, podcasts and other creative works – that influence our culture in positive ways.

For more, read the year’s The Influence Lab news reports here.

Thank you, Influence Lab partners, for making this year a year of impact. Your generosity is making a difference as the gospel is being shared in effective and creative ways at home and abroad.

We are grateful for considering us a trusted organization whose heart is to fulfill the greatest commission given – to tell of God’s great love and redemption. 

Phil and Kathleen Cooke
The Influence Lab/Influence Women

2024 promises to be another busy year. Kathleen’s keeping her suitcase packed and her running shoes on!

Traveling North! Equipping Pastors and Christian Business Leaders in Canada

Traveling North! Equipping Pastors and Christian Business Leaders in Canada

This week, Phil and Kathleen Cooke have their bags packed for Canada! They’ll be speaking at two conferences in Winnipeg, organized by the Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization (ELO). The first conference is tailored towards Christian business leaders and entrepreneurs, while the second is geared towards local pastors in Winnipeg and the surrounding area.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital world, one of the most critical skills in business and ministry is the ability to lead creative people. “It’s the designers, filmmakers, video producers, writers, composers, and other creative professionals that will drive an organization’s message, awareness, and marketing,” Phil Cooke commented.

“It’s the designers, filmmakers, video producers, writers, composers, and other creative professionals that will drive an organization’s message, awareness, and marketing,” —Phil Cooke

He will be teaching the business leaders the art of leading creative teams, and during the pastor’s conference, he will conduct an interactive Q&A session to address and offer strategic solutions as they incorporate digital media in their outreach efforts. He added, “ELO is an incredibly effective network raising a generation of visionary Christian leaders. I’m honored to be asked to share techniques to inspire and motivate these amazing teams.”

“Sex Trafficking, Starving Children, and World Peace: Three Reasons Why You Should Care About Women Working in Media” is Kathleen’s topic for the business leadership conference as she advocates for women. “As we face major global disruptions to our society, we need women in the media and arts industries with a biblical worldview,” she shared. “We need them empowered, trained, and ignited to create artistic projects and stories that resonate and affect the culture. I am thrilled to be that voice for women at this conference.”

The training sessions this week, and in November as Phil and Kathleen travel to Vancouver for more ELO-sponsored events, offer a broader picture of how The Influence Lab is elevating the message of pastors, leaders and Christian communicators worldwide.

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Thank you, Influence Lab partners!
Because of you, we can impact Christian communicators in Canada this week. The media and digital training that Phil and Kathleen bring to these leaders will elevate their strategies and increase their impact in promoting Christian values and worldviews through their organizations.

India Report: Digital Media Strategies Strengthen the Church

India Report: Digital Media Strategies Strengthen the Church

Phil and Kathleen Cooke spent eleven days in India this September, teaching and training Christian media professionals from across the nation. The trip was timely and the training well-received. Here’s an update on the trip, with special thanks to our generous Influence Lab partners who helped make it possible.

Phil reports:
Around the world, digital missions and the strategic use of media are more critical than ever before! This was our seventh trip to India where we have long-standing relationships with pastors, church media professionals, and independent filmmakers, who are creating remarkable media projects for sharing the gospel in a country that is only 2.4% Christian. Through multiple meetings, we were able to equip them with practical strategies and inspire them in their efforts.

Also, alongside Ron Harris (MedaAlliance International), we were featured speakers at a media conference held at Madras Christian College—recognized as one of Asia’s oldest educational institutions. While there, we explored the university’s Innovation Center where students study video production, graphic design, art, and computer technology. It’s a great testament to their desire to learn and grow in the skills that will enable them to share the gospel effectively in today’s digital culture.

Media professionals and church leaders gathered for the training.

We also spoke to media and drama students at The Women’s Christian College, a campus with 4,000 students in Chennai. Our overall goal throughout the trip and with every interaction was to encourage this generation of filmmakers, television producers, social media creators, and church communication professionals, helping them access digital strategies for greater success in their endeavors.

Kathleen reports:
It’s a long way to India from the U.S., and at times my human body gets weary, but I’m energized when I see how God is building His global Kingdom.

Many Christian organizations face challenges daily as they share the gospel, yet their joy and enthusiasm to learn and grow in media skills never wavers. Seeing their faith in action reminds me of the power of God to overcome and bring miraculous provision, protection, and joy.

I was re-energized when I received this WhatsApp message from one of the female participants:

“Thank you for coming to India… I’m very grateful that you were willing to come halfway around the world and bless us with your experience, observations, and wisdom. Your words were impactful, and the Lord has certainly used them to speak to me. I know it spoke to others as well.”

The colorful heritage of India brings a rich element to all forms of media and art.

Thank you for supporting The Influence Lab and Influence Women and allowing us to bring words of relief and God’s creative infusion to his “boots on the ground” in India. We are the Church, and united we stand.

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” (Matthew 25:40)

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