An INNER VIEW with Award-Winning  Actress and Musical Artist, Cassie Byram

An INNER VIEW with Award-Winning Actress and Musical Artist, Cassie Byram


Cassie Byram is an award-winning actress, singer, and songwriter, encompassing theater, film, television, voice-overs, published songwriting and multiple album releases for adults and children alike. Cassie recently portrayed Mary, the mother of Jesus, in the film Forty-Seven Days with Jesus with son Jonathan Byram as Jesus.

Her stage roles include The Scarlet Pimpernel, The King and I, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and West Side Story, with television credits including Jake and the Fat Man, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Civil Wars and The Time Changers and is a featured singing the solo If I Loved You in the film City Hall starring Al Pacino. The Fathom Event “Forty Seven Days With Jesus” will be in theaters March 11, 12, & 14, 2024.


Kathleen Cooke: What’s the one thing you’d like to share with women that God has recently taught you?

Cassie Byram: The idea of “peaking” is unbiblical. The thought that you are past your prime is a message from the enemy, who constantly wants to disable you every step of the way. It’s a message that plagues our society and can start as early as our 20s. On the contrary, God is in the business of redeeming our past and working in our present, all while His Holy Spirit ushers us into our future. God truly does work all things together for good. (Romans 8:28) From my experience I can tell you that just when you think your ship is docked and anchored, you’ll experience Christ, walking on the water next to you, helping you sail. I love this quote I recently heard from Tyler Perry: God says, “You don’t tell me when it’s over. I tell you when it’s over.”

Kathleen: With that in mind, tell us about your new role in the upcoming movie, “Forty Seven Days With Jesus.

Cassie: Getting a role in the new film, “Forty Seven Days With Jesus”, at this time in my life is a great example of why I don’t believe in “aging out” when it comes to career or influence! I played the part of Mary, the mother of Jesus, which was a joy in so many ways. First, being on a film set again is always thrilling. It just feels like home. Add to that the amazing fact that my own son Jonathan Byram is playing the role of Jesus; well, I can hardly begin to describe what that was like. I believe it’s the first time a real-life mother and son are playing the roles of Mother Mary and Jesus for film or TV. I’ve had the privilege of portraying Mary before in other projects, but I had the opportunity to take it to a whole new emotional level in this film. It’s an experience I will always cherish and consider as a career and personal highlight.

Kathleen: What do you wish you’d learned more quickly in life?

Cassie: Comparison is your worst enemy. We must realize everyone’s gifts and time frames are not the same. If we are in God’s hands, then the timing of our greatest impact is also in His hands. Our responsibility is to be obedient to His ways, and then God does the rest. The Bible is clear that we can flourish at any age. We see time and again, through Bible stories and present day stories, how God uses people of all ages to make a significant impact. I think about amazing women like the late Edith Kirchmaier, who on her 105th birthday signed up on Facebook.  She didn’t compare herself to younger people and give up. Instead, she used the platform to spread the message of giving back to her 32,000 friends and beyond!  Passing away at 107, she left a lasting legacy of conduct, values, and perseverance.

Kathleen: What have you learned about failure?

Cassie: At times, we confuse transition and change with failure. Learning to expect the unexpected brings a new and healthy outlook on the twists and bumps along the way. I can tell you from my journey that a turn in the road doesn’t mean your dreams will die. Often, our skills and gifts flourish in ways we never expect. Once when I was experiencing a slowdown in the middle of my career as a professional actor, singer, I frankly felt ready to give up. At that same time, I was given an opportunity to write and produce bible-based animation and music for children. Now, I run my own company, Mamala Media, where I offer “Heavenly Resources For Family Life” by producing music, books & animation for kids and adults alike. It’s so much fun, but I never saw that coming!

This quote from Charles Stanley makes a great point: “Why would you give up now at an age when you’ve finally learned some things and have so much to offer?”

Kathleen: We all impact other’s lives, but what’s the one thing you’ve learned about influence?

Cassie: Influence comes only through perseverance and trust. Those are the keys to building your own fruitful growth, which leads to realizing goals placed in your heart that will be used to lead others. If we look at our lives as a slow fizzle, then we really aren’t living out what we say we believe when it comes to trusting God. For many women, the responsibilities of marriage and family can, at times, feel like a dream squisher! We start to create a narrative that discounts us from ever realizing our dreams or being viable again. But God promises, if we wait on him, we will mount up with wings like eagles! (Isaiah 40:31) This promise is not a once in a lifetime occurrence. God can renew our strength again and again at any time or age.

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