The Influence Lab will be sponsoring Phil to teach an all day immersion session with pastors and ministry leaders from across the country.   This session will be in San Diego with the Ministry Lab Network and cover church branding, marketing, and media.  Ministry Lab Network is passionate about training and equipping pastors and ministry leaders worldwide. We want to help men and women move beyond ideas and give them experiences that will develop skills to impact the people they lead to Christ.  We want to see thriving churches and ministries throughout the world but we believe there needs to be an infusion of practical skills and strategies.  We provide experiences for new and seasoned pastors, as well as non-ordained ministry leaders. Our hands-on, practical training and equipping experiences will build up new and emerging leaders, renew and revitalize seasoned leaders and develop and empower lay leaders.The purpose of this training is to educate pastors and ministry leaders in the United States to be more strategic in how they share the gospel message through media.  It will also help them engage their communities more effectively in today’s media driven culture.


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October 17, 2017