When the invitation first came in for Phil and Kathleen Cooke to speak in Brazil, we knew the trip would offer great potential to train Brazilian pastors and Christian business leaders. Still, the full scale of the impact was far greater than we could ever hope or imagine!

The Influence Lab is thrilled to report that THOUSANDS of ministry and business leaders in Brazil were impacted as they gleaned from the Cooke’s digital and media communications expertise. Additionally, new opportunities opened while in the country and we’re excited to share this good news with our Influence Lab partners.

Phil reports:
Upon arrival, I spoke at a Pastor’s Conference in Goiania, Brazil and then at a Christian Business Leader’s Conference in Campinas. The pastor’s conference was an invitation-only event attended by 150 influential pastors across Brazil, responsible for nearly 4 million church members.  I did a training session during the day, and one evening, I was the keynote speaker for a much larger gathering of 7,000 pastors, church, and small group leaders.

Thousands attended the meetings in Brazil.gathering of 7,000 pastors, church, and small group leaders.At the conference, a major publisher of Christian books in Brazil asked permission to translate and publish my Maximize Your Influence book in Portuguese. (Of course, I said yes!) These Brazilian pastors are very eager to get their hands on copies of this resource in their language.

The business conference was also invitation-only. More than 100 leaders attended, representing many of the largest businesses in the country, from agriculture, mining, automotive, media, and other industries.

During both events, Kathleen made significant contacts with women in leadership from the church and business worlds to share what she is doing with Influence Women in the United States. Many asked if they could start chapters in Brazil, and she was invited back to speak next year.

Pastor Paulo Mazoni leads the 20,000 member church in Belo Horizonte.

On our final Sunday in Brazil, I spoke at the 20,000-member Central Church in Belo Horizonte. Then, Kathleen and I hosted about 50 media leaders from the city’s church, advertising, and business worlds. I did a teaching session on media, and we both answered questions and spent time with the group.

What you’ve heard about what God is doing in the “global south” is true. While in Brazil, we discovered massive churches doing remarkable things in cities across the country. This trip allowed us to share how media and digital communication can make an even greater difference in their ability to transform that country for the gospel.

We’re grateful for The Influence Lab partners who joined with us in the mission of this trip. Because of your vision and generosity, we were able to inspire and train thousands of influential leaders in a way beyond our expectations. Thank you —Phil Cooke

More international trips coming up… more opportunities to train and equip leaders in nations throughout the world.
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