“If we are going to change the culture, we’ll do it through the effective use of media and entertainment.” —Kathleen Cooke, speaking at the She Leads America/UK Leadership Forum

Thank you, Influence Lab partners! As one of She Leads America’s Christian Women of Distinction, Kathleen Cooke recently participated in the inaugural launch of She Leads America/UK Leadership Forum held in London, June 1-4, 2024. The invitation-only event held on the grounds of Windsor Castle gathered women delegates from the UK and America to discuss and explore faith solutions in the face of counter-Christian agendas within their respective countries.

Representing The Influence Lab/Influence Women, Kathleen spoke on The Control of Media and Entertainment on the Culture. She challenged the delegates to not back down from using media tools to engage audiences. Speaking from the book of Nehemiah, she explained how Nehemiah rebuilt the wall surrounding Jerusalem at a time when it was vulnerable to an anti-Biblical culture similar to ours.

“We must rebuild the wall of the fruit of the Spirit… We must rebuild the wall where God has us doing His work and within the communities we live. And the tools we must use are media and artistic Biblical tools.”

A historic gathering, delegates included Dr. Alveda King, Salvation Army Commissioner Jolene Hodder, award winning autbor Bodie Thoene, and many more distinguished U.S. women, along with their UK counterparts holding top roles in government and ministry. Liz Doyle, founder and executive director of She Leads America comments, “It was an event ‘for such a time as this’ and we believe is the first of many to come globally.”

Overall the event laid forth the mission for women of distinction to become “solutionaries” bringing light into the darkness to save their ministries, families, nation and the world.

Kathleen adds, “Thank you to our many Influence Lab partners who supported me both in prayer and financial assistance to be there and take part. It was truly a ‘battle cry moment’ of linking shields to face the prevailing evils of our world and in our culture today.”

Watch for Kathleen’s full report of the London event coming soon!

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