Excellence. In a day when Disney, Netflix and other online video platforms compete for viewer attention, pastors and their media teams are understanding the greater need for excellence in their outreach. The Influence Lab is responding to the call to come and assist these Christian communicators as they strive to share the gospel in the ever-changing landscape of the digital age.

Please join us in prayer and consider partnering with us as Phil and Kathleen Cooke travel to train, equip and inspire in these global gatherings.

June 21-23: Amsterdam2023—This Empowered21 event will be one of the largest gatherings of different ministry organizations in the world, all focused on strategies for sharing the gospel message to every single person on the planet.

Joining top ministry leaders like Robert Morris, Cash Luna, Rob Hoskins, Chadwick Mohan, Goodwill Shana and Billy Wilson, Phil Cooke is a member of the E21 Global Council which gives inspirational oversight to 14 Regional Cabinets across the world and helps bring resources to bear on crucial issues faced by the Spirit-empowered church. Phil will be meeting with the council, helping craft the ongoing strategy, especially when it comes to digital media. He and Kathleen will also be participating in this international conference focused on launching a new era of evangelism.

August 13-22: Brazil Global Kingdom Partner’s Network (GKPN)— GKPN is an invitation-only network of many of the largest churches and marketplace businesses in the world. Phil and Kathleen have spoken at many of these gatherings, and on this trip, Phil will be speaking to pastors and ministry leaders, and then to marketplace leaders in various cities in Brazil.

September 14-16: India Christian Media Conference (ICMA), Chennai, India—The largest gathering of Christian media leaders in all of India, it will be attended by TV and radio network executives, church media professionals and social media experts. With a population that now exceeds China, these Christian media professionals have a great desire to excel in their work as they share the gospel across their country. Phil and Kathleen are happy to share their expertise during this critical time for India.

These international trips are part of the global strategy of The Influence Lab. Through the prayers and financial support of our partners, we’re able to inspire these pastors and ministry leaders to excellence in their communications.

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