After 2 years of volunteer service, Jean Christen stepped down this past month as Chief Operating Officer of Influence Women Global but will stay on as an Advisory Board member. She accepted the COO position, not knowing much about the great need, but was compelled by the mission of influencing women to change the culture through the effective use of media and knew women were key. She sacrificially gave her time, talent, and treasure to implement our explosive growth these past two years, and we’re forever grateful.

Jean got it!

She knew that if we were going to change cultural thought and the ongoing rejection of Biblical foundations, we had to support women who could create the change on our screens. Our children, grandchildren, and we ourselves are influenced by artistic endeavors, creative media, entertainment, and musical content—what we see and hear on our screens. Statistics tell us that we are overwhelmed with thousands of media messages daily. We check our cell phones an average of 150 times daily, and the average person globally now views TikTok 3.5 hours a day and Instagram and Facebook 4.5 hours daily. By population, Facebook is now the largest country in the world. Who’s speaking, teaching, planting churches and Biblical truths into their lives?

Where are the media-savvy Christian professionals creating programs and content to reach our media-driven world?

Sadly, most Christians would rather criticize the media, entertainment and arts community than invest in the professionals who work in and around it and who can make a difference from the inside.

It’s why you matter – you get it, too!

Here’s what one recent Influence Women member said after attending a Hollywood professional gathering, “As a singer/songwriter artist in the entertainment industry, Influence Women events have always been something I have looked forward to. They never fail to provide inspiration and encouragement from the stories of powerful women in the industry. It’s like iron sharpening iron where you meet others of your tribe: women of all generations in the entertainment industry and connect with new friends, possible future collaborators, and mentors. It’s great to know that we are not alone on this journey. Guaranteed that we leave every event with our bodies and spirits filled from the delicious food and the invaluable words of wisdom imparted and shared!”  Flo, a Hollywood professional musical artist.

Christian media/entertainment professionals often feel isolated and alone

Many industry professionals tell us they didn’t know that there were other Christians who felt alone. Influence Women events have made a huge difference in propelling them on to create and be lamps of God’s light that shine in dark places. Change happens when connections are made between those working on the inside of the industry through relationships and mentoring. It’s the first-century Christian Church model. They were living in an anti-Jewish/Christian, immoral Roman culture. Yet even though they lived in a hostile anti-Christ world, they supported, served, and gave their lives to see believers of God flourish with His wisdom and direction.

In my travels, I see the personal lives of people caught in great global turmoil. Even as Christian media professionals are heavily challenged, they’re stepping up boldly to share God’s love and truth through creative media and artistic endeavors. They need your prayers and support.

Jean got it! And there are many others like you who do, too.

Will you pray and consider volunteering? We are looking for help in the roles of a new Chief Operating Officer, social media managers and graphic designers, administration and website development, grant writing, PR, and marketing.

Will you consider donating financially to help Influence Women’s mission?

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