Feeling confused about your identity and place in this world? Current events and cultural influences have many new variants from the norm that have pushed us to re-examine our identity. Adults are questioning their focus, career and personal lives. Kids and teens are being confronted with a cultural tsunami affecting who they are or want to become. The world has become a pandemic of confusion driven in a large part by dominant social media influence, internet connectivity, and lots of Hollywood agendas.

As creatives, artists and leaders, how can we convey God’s truth? How can we convey the message that God formed us, sees us and He knows our name through relevant and assuring media endeavors?

Discover how you can use your media talents, influence, and leadership to stop the tidal wave of identity dysphoria in this Influence Lab online event featuring host Kathleen Cooke with guests producer-director-writer Alexandra Boylan and actor-writer-TV host Cynthia Garrett.