Don’t miss the Part II Re-play of the Influence Lab Women’s Christmas 2021 Gathering!

Actress, writer-producer, and composer Jessica Oyelowo will empower your life. Jessica is an English-born multi-talented performer whose roles include Tim Burton’s, Sleepy Hollow and Alice in Wonderland, multiple BBC productions and London West End plays, and TV’s, Murphy’s Law, Mayo, and People Like Us. At this Influence Lab women’s gathering of media/entertainment and industry leaders in Hollywood, Jessica engaged and empowered those attending. She speaks candidly about her life and career with her award-winning actor/producer husband, David, and their production company, Yoruba/Saxon, challenges listeners to be bold with their faith, educated in their craft, and become divinely equipped to walk through the challenges of a media/entertainment career to become the light and salt needed in today’s fast-paced culture. Watch it now!


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