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We’re training pastors and Christian communicators worldwide to effectively share the gospel in today’s digital age. Your partnership makes it possible.

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There has never been a time in history when so many tools have been available to share the gospel with so many people. When Jesus challenged the disciples with The Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20, the world was a smaller place, and yet the goal must have seemed impossible. In that period, New Testament writers like the Apostle Paul used letters - the media platform of the time to build the Church.

And today, digital tools have allowed the Church to share our message with millions more.

The Influence Lab is committed to raising a new generation of Christian media professionals, from Hollywood to the most remote locations on the earth. Your financial contribution enables us to teach and train Christian communicators and media leaders to use the latest technology to share a message of hope.

But we can’t do it without you.

Your financial support enables us to reach even more countries, train more church leaders, and impact the world for Christ. This is a media-driven generation, and that’s why we need to speak the language of media more than ever.

The need to share the message never changes, but how we share it does.

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Ideas on a Deadline

The definitive book for creative people who have to deliver breakthrough ideas on demand.

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This is your ticket to make digital media work for you! The ultimate reference guide for pastors and leaders to speak the language of the digital age.


Hope 4 Today

After the long hard haul of the pandemic, hope is more important than ever before. This devotional will renew your relationship with God in a unique 4x a-week way.



The last thing you need are limits! Unleash your creativity with this planner designed with the creative in mind. There’s plenty of space to dream and plan your next big idea.

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