Global Prayer Event with Lou Engle – Kathleen Cooke Leads Prayer for Arts and Entertainment

Global Prayer Event with Lou Engle – Kathleen Cooke Leads Prayer for Arts and Entertainment

On September 11, 2021, prayer leaders and intercessors from around the world gathered virtually and in Los Angeles at the site of the Azusa Street revival for the “Redigging the Wells of Revival” global prayer event. Hosted by The Potter’s Ministries and with a special invitation to believers worldwide from Lou Engle, co-founder of TheCall and Lou Engle Ministries, the event mobilized Christians to pray for global revival. Prayers during the event were specifically directed towards the seven recognized “mountains of prayer” including Family, Religion, Government, Business, Education, Arts and Entertainment, and Media.

Kathleen Cooke, founder of The Influence Lab and Cooke Media Group, was invited to represent “Arts and Entertainment” as one of seven prayer leaders chosen to “take the mountain” of their area of expertise. The prayers for each mountain were based on Joshua 14:12 where Caleb requested of Joshua to “give me this mountain” which had been promised him.

Kathleen opened her prayer by acknowledging God as the source of all creativity. “We are nothing and cannot attempt to create anything without You,” she declared. “In You we move, and breathe, and have our being.”

“We are nothing and cannot attempt to create anything without You.” – Kathleen Cooke

She also prayed for the global entertainment and arts community to see and hear God, and to take action towards a single purpose, “that we might produce, direct, write, sing, paint, and create all manner of art and media and entertainment so that others might know with clarity and without a doubt, who you are.”

The event included live Zoom prayers from nations around the world, with Guatemala, Germany, the UK, Africa and Jerusalem among those represented. Other prayer leaders taking the stage in the 5-hour prayer event included Stephen Strang, Charisma Magazine; Matthew and Amy Stoehr, The River Family Church: conference hosts Cyril and Jemima Rayan, The Potters Ministries; and Sam Brownback, U.S. Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom.

Watch a replay of the prayer event at the Facebook page for Digging the Wells of Revival here.

(Prayer for the 7 mountains begins at 1:54:25 and Kathleen Cooke’s prayer for Arts and Entertainment begins at 1:58:49 in the replay.) 

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Free Online Event – “The Identity Variant: How Hollywood and the Media Influences our Kids, Teens and All of Us”

Free Online Event – “The Identity Variant: How Hollywood and the Media Influences our Kids, Teens and All of Us”

Feeling confused about your identity and place in this world? Current events and cultural influences have pushed many of us to re-examine our identity and seek out ways to bring biblical truth into situations. If you’re wanting to make a difference and help stop the tidal wave of identity dysphoria, join Kathleen Cooke and guests producer-director-writer Alexandra Boylan and actor-writer-TV host Cynthia Garrett for the next online Influence Lab Gathering, “The Identity Variant: How Hollywood and the Media Influences our Kids, Teens and All of Us.”

The Identity Variant: How Hollywood and the Media Influences our Kids, Teens and All of Us
September 30, 2021
5:30pm PT – 7:30pm CT – 8:30pm ET
The event is free, but registration is required for this Zoom webinar. Register now.

“Having worked in Hollywood for many years, I know how media and entertainment affect our emotional connections and in turn affect our actions,” shares Kathleen Cooke, media executive and founder of The Influence Lab and Influence Lab Women. “We must be vigilant to use media and entertainment to tell powerful stories and share the wisdom of God.”

The world has become a pandemic of confusion driven in a large part by dominant social media influence and Hollywood agendas. If you’re a creative working in the media and entertainment industry or a leader in your field, this event will help you discover how you can use your talents, influence and leadership to convey God’s truth in relevant and impactful ways.

Ready to make a difference? Join us on September 30, 2021 for “The Identity Variant.” Find out more about our guests and sign up here.

“We must be vigilant to use media and entertainment to tell powerful stories and share the wisdom of God.” – Kathleen Cooke

Influence Lab Sponsors Hollywood Prayer Network’s 20th Anniversary Party

Influence Lab Sponsors Hollywood Prayer Network’s 20th Anniversary Party

On August 14, 2021, over 400 people attended the anniversary celebration of the Hollywood Prayer Network in Hollywood, California. Phil Cooke emceed the gala event as the sold-out crowd celebrated 20 years of HPN’s work in the entertainment industry. Additionally, The Influence Lab helped sponsor the event with a booth where our team gave away multiple copies of Phil and Kathleen Cooke’s books to help bring value to the attendees.

“We had a fabulous time and the event was over-the-top successful,” said Kathleen. The event featured red carpet interviews, a live band, 007 VIP Lounge and a “living” chess game with 32 human chess pieces. Besides manning The Influence Lab booth, Kathleen was asked to be a pawn piece for the live chess game as part of the festivities of the evening. (Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages for fun photos!)

Phil and Kathleen have been on the Hollywood Prayer Network’s board for many years and now serve as key advisors. HPN was founded in July of 2001 by Karen Covell, a producer with extensive experience producing TV specials, documentaries and children’s programming, and a member of the Producer’s Guild of America. With the firm belief that Hollywood is not “Sodom and Gomorrah” but rather a “Ninevah” that can be redeemed, HPN’s grassroots prayer ministry led by Hollywood professionals mobilizes Christians around the world to pray for the people who work in Hollywood while also coordinating prayer for Christians working within the film and television industry.

With over 12,000 intercessors and 130 HPN chapters around the world, The Influence Lab was honored to be a sponsor of the anniversary event and come alongside this ministry with our support.

Find out more about the Hollywood Prayer Network here.

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A Global Gathering of Christian Communicators – NRB 2021

A Global Gathering of Christian Communicators – NRB 2021

Phil and Kathleen Cooke spoke recently at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention where thousands of Christian communicators gathered from around the world in Dallas, Texas for the 2021 event. A trip sponsored by Cooke Media Group, Phil and Kathleen shared their media expertise in several of the convention sessions while also raising the awareness of The Influence Lab and its strategic global mission through a number of radio and television interviews.

“How we share our message is just as important as the message we share,” Phil commented in a session titled “Technology, Digital Ministry and the Future of the Church.” A member of the NRB Board of Directors, he also spoke at a luncheon for first-time convention attenders.

Kathleen was joined by producer Jackelyn Viera-Iloff to co-lead the NRB Talks session titled “The Right Story: It’s Time to Start Acting, Writing and Producing.” Together, they inspired the crowd of filmmakers and communicators to start telling better stories that point audiences to God.

“The time is now. In a world polarized due to politics and fear, we can use stories to change the future,” encouraged Kathleen.

Interview invitations for Phil and Kathleen included a variety of radio, television and new media outlets, many of which serve international audiences. Interviews included Faith Radio, The Dad Whisperer, the Women of Faith Show with Alita Reynolds, The Lucas Miles Show and Iran Alive Network whose TV broadcast reaches six million daily viewers in Iran.

Click here to access NRB 2021 sessions and find out more about NRB 2022 to be held in Nashville, Tennessee here.

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Manila, Philippines – Light TV Interviews Phil Cooke

Manila, Philippines – Light TV Interviews Phil Cooke

In a recent interview on the Philippines-based television network Light TV, Phil Cooke offered encouragement and inspiration for young Filipinos with aspirations towards media careers. The interview was a follow-up to a series of sessions Phil conducted for communication and media leaders from churches across Manila in 2018. At the time, Phil and his wife Kathleen were in Manila teaching at the 60,000 member Christ’s Commission Church with Pastor Peter Tan Chi.

Light TV offers motivational and inspirational programming that communicates hope and is one of the fastest-growing channels on Free TV in the Philippines. Light TV Host Tomi Shane Ng was influenced to use the medium of television to share the gospel after reading Phil’s book, co-written by Jonathan Bock, “The Way Back.” Blessed by Phil’s teaching, the recent interview was prompted by Ng’s desire for young Filipinos to hear Phil’s life story.

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Influence Women Online Event: Social Media – Is it Time to Be Intentional About Sharing Your Career and Your Faith Online?

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