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Africa Responds: Watch Video Now – Church Media Summit 2024

Excitement is growing for the Church Media Summit, August 15-17, 2024 in Ghana! Pastors, media teams, communications teams and independent filmmakers from across Africa are excited about the upcoming media training opportunity offered by TheoVision International and...

London Report – Kathleen Cooke Presents at the She Leads America/UK Leadership Forum

“If we are going to change the culture, we’ll do it through the effective use of media and entertainment.” —Kathleen Cooke, speaking at the She Leads America/UK Leadership Forum Thank you, Influence Lab partners! As one of She Leads America’s Christian Women of...

Influence Lab Earns 2024 Silver Seal of Transparency on Guidestar’s Candid.org

We’ve earned our 2024 Silver Seal of Transparency with Guidestar’s Candid.org! Considered the most widely adopted symbol of transparency for nonprofit organizations in the U.S., this recognition translates into heightened value to Influence Lab partners who can...

She Leads America/UK Summit at Windsor Castle Welcomes Media Executive Kathleen Cooke

On special invitation, Kathleen Cooke will join 50 nationally recognized women of distinction from the U.S. and UK at Windsor Castle to explore faith-based solutions to counteract the attack on biblical values within our cultures. Los Angeles, CA (May 8, 2024) — In...

Cyprus Update 2024 – Christian Media Outreach in the Muslim World

“The place where the Apostle Paul and Barnabas preached 2,000 years ago is becoming a launching pad for reaching the Middle East and North Africa with the gospel.” – Phil Cooke, Co-Founder, The Influence Lab Influence Lab partners are making a difference in Muslim...

Ghana Impact Opportunity

“In countries where so few people are professing Christians, media may be the key to mission growth in that part of the world.” – Phil Cooke, Co-founder/The Influence Lab   Media training is a key component of The Influence Lab’s vision... And we’ve been invited...

The Key to Church Growth in Eastern Europe – Spain Update 2024

“In countries where so few people are professing Christians, media may be the key to mission growth in that part of the world.” – Phil Cooke

Female Filmmakers Gather at NRB 2024 for Kathleen Cooke’s Influence Women Initiative

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Award-winning producer and media executive Kathleen Cooke gathers women in media at NRB 2024 in Nashville for connection and collaboration opportunities within Influence Women. Los Angeles, CA (February 6, 2024) — Birthed in Hollywood and...

2023 Report: The Influence Lab – Influence Women

2023 was a year of IMPACT for The Influence Lab and its women’s initiative, Influence Women. Thank you to the many generous friends who partnered with us to provide media and digital strategy training and support to ministry leaders in multiple nations including:...

Traveling North! Equipping Pastors and Christian Business Leaders in Canada

This week, Phil and Kathleen Cooke have their bags packed for Canada! They’ll be speaking at two conferences in Winnipeg, organized by the Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization (ELO). The first conference is tailored towards Christian business leaders and...



At The Influence Lab, we believe it’s time to change the perception of Christianity in today’s media-driven culture. To make that happen, we’re mobilizing a powerful global strategy to teach and train the next generation of pastors and leaders how to effectively use media to share the gospel in today’s digital age.


Founded by media experts Phil and Kathleen Cooke, The Influence Lab focuses on regions like Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and South America, while also creating a pathway for Christian influence in entertainment and media with an ultimate goal to impact global culture by changing the way we tell our story.

"The need to share our message never changes, but how we share it does. This is the moment to embrace the digital age.”

– Phil Cooke, Producer, Media Consultant, Co-Founder – The Influence Lab




Redefining Global Mission Strategy in Today’s Digital Age

The digital revolution, accelerated by the challenges presented by COVID-19 in 2020, has created immense opportunities on the global digital mission field. With the increased opportunity comes the necessity to train a new generation to reach the world through ever-evolving and ever-increasing digital platforms.

Through partnerships with the largest Christian media organizations around the world, as well as international broadcast media platforms, we have created a global network for training the next generation of Christian media professionals – pastors, ministry leaders and their media and communications teams – to share the most important story of all, the good news of Jesus Christ. 


“If you really love someone, you will figure out how to communicate with them, just as Jesus did, and for us that has to mean speaking the language of media and entertainment.”

-Eric Metaxas

New York Times #1 Bestselling Author, Host, Eric Metaxas Radio Show


Impacting Culture by Changing the Way We Tell Our Story

Another of the primary goals of The Influence Lab is to use the various media platforms available to us in the digital age to change the cultural narrative about Christianity and the Church.

The Influence Lab helps create professional pathways for Christian influence in entertainment and media by challenging executive-level Christians established in the film and television industry to think critically about integrating their faith into their work. We assist Christian ministry organizations already making a difference through media, and through Influence Lab Women gatherings, events and email newsletters, we’re motivating and inspiring professional women to excel in the media and entertainment industries.


“Washington DC is the seat of power, but Hollywood is the seat of influence. The only way to have a spiritual impact on Hollywood is to change it from the inside out.”

- Karen Covell

Founder of Hollywood Prayer Network




Hollywood is the most influential city on earth, and yet Christians are terribly underrepresented in that industry. The Influence Lab is working to create a roadmap to help talented writers, actors, producers, directors, and others carve a foothold in the entertainment industry.


Who’s telling the story of the Christian faith in the mainstream media? Through The Influence Lab, we’re making the connections, building the relationships, and showing the world accurate and timely stories of how Christians are positively impacting today’s culture.


If Facebook were a country, it would be the largest country in the world. The increased popularity of social media and YouTube has created a new digital mission field. Who’s planting churches in that country? Who’s sending “media missionaries” to that country? Christians must ramp up their knowledge and expertise in the new digital landscape to be good stewards of the opportunities of the digital age.


In a visual culture, sharing our story through digital media is essential. Our goal is to inspire and train producers, directors, camera operators, video editors, and others to help shape powerful and compelling stories of transformed lives.


We live in a media-driven culture, and that's why The Influence Lab is coordinating seminars and conferences around the world, as well as utilizing opportunities such as Zoom meetings and webinars to train a new generation of pastors and leaders how to share their story through media.


"In the digital age, media is one of the most effective tools globally to introduce people to Jesus Christ. That’s why it's essential to develop a network of support and training through media for mission causes. "



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